(Ep 41) Create Breakthroughs with Others

September 20, 2022

Whether you lead or support others, YOU’RE the prime candidate to become a “Potentiator” -  someone who creates breakthroughs by helping others play at their best. Dive in with best-selling author, keynote speaker and creator of the “Potentiator” concept  Mike Lipkin as he shares his blueprint  to creating breakthroughs for yourself and for the people around you.


Featured Guest: Mike Lipkin. Best-selling author of “The Potentiator. How to create breakthroughs with others in a Post-Pandemic World”, keynote speaker to over 1 million attendees in 67 countries


Topics Discussed: Building trust with others, What’s a Potentiator? The importance of being bold, Managing Gen Z’s workplace & career expectations, Becoming a Champion Communicator, Why speed trumps perfection, Lessons learned through meeting Nelson Mandela


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