(Ep 38) Attracting and retaining the RIGHT talent

May 9, 2022

As resignations continue, it appears like CHROs are falling all over themselves to secure any and all talent.  But what happens when candidate priorities shift? Will they still be a fit in 6 months time? Dive in as special guest, North America's leading Talent Engagement expert, Eric Termuende, talks about attracting and retaining the RIGHT talent. Afterall, when it comes to HR - “Engagement” is a noun – it’s the result of what happens when you focus on the right things.


Featured Guest: Eric Termuende - TedX Speaker; Featured in Forbes, HuffPost, Thrive Global, HBR; Keynote Speaker and author of best-seller “Rethink Work: Finding and Keeping the Right Talent”


Topics Discussed: The 4 waves of the Great Resignation, What is means to ‘plant your flag’ and how to do it, How to tell a better, budget-friendly story to attract top talent, Why the best defense is a good offence; and Where you’ll find your best recruiters


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