(Ep 32) Effective Campus Recruiting

January 24, 2022

With the great realization here, and social distancing now commonplace, HR professionals have had to come up with creative ways to reach new candidates, to grow their talent pools. From developing a campus recruitment strategy to creating instant rapport with the student body, campus engagement experts Maurice Fernandes and Mark Whitten lay out the tactics required to reach today’s university and college students.    


Featured Guests: Maurice Fernandes, Career Education Specialist/Faculty of Science (Ryerson University) and Mark Whitten, Manager, Employer Engagement/Career & Co-op Centre (Ryerson University)


Topics Discussed: Establishing a talent pipeline, Who should be on your “Campus Recruitment Dream Team”, keeping your employer brand front and centre, recruiting activity cadence and volume, positioning your brand as an employer-of-choice vs. much larger competitors, speaking to the values students appreciate


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