(Ep 27) Reframing Your Inner Narrative

October 25, 2021

How you see yourself. What you tell yourself - might be what’s holding you back. Dive in as leadership expert, Tammy Heerman provides her insights and real-life tactics into reframing your inner narrative. Transform other’s people’s perceptions of you, from tactical to strategic. It’s time to step into the new story that you’re willing to create. 


Featured Guest: Tammy Heerman, author, keynote speaker, leadership development expert

Featured Co-host: Shawna Gee, keynote speaker, award winning marketing and public relations expert


Topics Discussed: Creating a personal vision, what to say “No” to, dismissing imposter syndrome, eliminating “office-housework”, being seen as strategic vs. tactical, don’t be the brunt of the grunt work   




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