(Ep 21) Futureproofing Your Workforce: reskilling and upskilling.

June 28, 2021

HR teams with strong career reskilling and upskilling programs were best positioned to weather the perfect HR storm we saw when the pandemic hit.  Those without, were vulnerable to decreased engagement, increased costs and irreparable damage to their employer brand.  Listen in as special guest Kim Spurgeon discusses how to launch your own reskilling and upskilling program to futureproof your talent pipeline.


Featured Guest: Kim Spurgeon, Senior Vice President of National Customer Experience, LHH Knightsbridge


Topics Discussed: Reskilling, upskilling, futureproofing your talent pipeline, holding delicate conversations with career transitioning employees, the benefits of doing only 2% more, eliminating talent hoarding, preserving culture during times of change


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