(Ep 19) Empowering Your Employee Culture

May 17, 2021

From breaking up nightclub brawls, to providing personal protection to A-list celebrities, to creating an unprecedented “rock star” culture in an otherwise tired, boring industry – special guest Ron Lovett is constantly breaking new ground in the HR world.  Hear first-hand Ron’s top tactics that you too can implement to empower employee culture and create a Rock Star army of your own. 


Featured Guest: Ron Lovett; 5X Top 50 CEO Atlantic Canada, TedX Speaker, Podcast Host, Key-note conference speaker & author of the best-seller “Outrageous Empowerment. The incredible story of giving employees their brains back”.

Topics Discussed: Turn disgruntled employees into passionate stakeholders, Tailor recruitment through onboarding processes to create an empowered innovative employee culture,  eliminating the annual performance review



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