(Ep 09) Eliminating Unconscious Bias: First steps to improving diversity and inclusion in the workplace

November 3, 2020

Whether we know it or not, we often make our decisions based upon unconscious bias.  And guess what, no one is immune to it.  But, it’s something we can all work on.  Listen in, as one of ADP’s premiere diversity and inclusion experts discusses what to look out for, processes to put in place and her top tips to rid the workplace of unconscious bias.  Unconscious Bias – it’s what we’re talking about today! 

Featured Guest: Allison Lau, HR Business Partner, ADP Canada

Topics Discussed: Hiring for “Culture Add” vs. “Culture Fit”, implementing recruitment processes that counter-act a hiring manager’s unconscious bias, the Top 5 Tips to Rid the Workplace of Unconscious Bias    

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