(Ep 08) The Future of Work is Already Here: A look into the attitudinal shift towards the traditional workplace and details for what’s to come.

October 1, 2020

With half of the labour force back to work, and more expected to shortly return, we’re experiencing a new way in how, when and where work takes place. Is traditional office-life out-of-date?  Listen in, for answers to this and more as an in-depth analysis of ADP’s latest Workplace Insights Study is offered and a panel of 2 HR Experts offer their top strategies and tactics to embrace today’s new mix of in-office and remote work.    

Featured Guests: ADP Business Anthropologist Martha Bird and VP of Communications Heather Haslam.

Topics Discussed: redefining an organization’s purpose, remote work, HR digital acceleration & transformation, the worker’s perception on returning to the workplace and the future of accessing talent.

What will the workplace look like in 2 years? Tune in and find out! 


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